American Dream Remixed


My birthday is just around the corner.  34 is looking quite different than I thought it would. I thought I’d have kids, a house and a thriving career by now.  Not that it’s looking bad these days. I’m happily married, live in sunny California and am the mom to one of the best dogs in the world (Okay, I’m a little biased here).  Life’s good.

I could compare myself to other people and think wow, I should be much farther in life. But COME ON, when has that ever made anyone happy?  I finally decided to stop the drama.  I turned that show off and began to write a new story for myself.

I’m lucky.  I’ve checked off a lot of things that were on my bucket list.  I’ve lived overseas, backpacked in Europe, sky dived, learned to play guitar, seen the Northern lights, started a business, sung open mic, volunteered for the homeless and the list goes on.  Like I’ve said I’ve lived a full life and there’s not much I regret. Although I love adventures let’s be honest, I was a little obsessed with checking things off the list. I forgot to soak up those experiences while I lived them. They passed me by so fast I barely remember. I was so young and in such a rush to conquer the world.  I wish I could re-experience those things now with the eyes that I have today.

This last year of my life taught me to love my life again! That is why 34 is extra special to me. It might not be the big 30 or 40, but it is the year I got my life back. I lost my child-like joy as I became an adult.  I was suffocated by what was expected of me. Now, I know those shackles no longer have power over me. I get to choose my life. Unconventional or not.  So, what if I don’t have kids yet?  So what’s if I’m not at the top of my industry?  So what if my life doesn’t look perfect from the outside?!  I’m true to myself and that’s all that really matters. I have found my inner peace and I think that’s better than just looking fancy.

I suffered from depression on and off most of my life and I’m finally free. I love myself just as God loves me without the shame, guilt, and without conditions.  I’m human, I know that I will struggle with ups and downs but I’m now rooted in my true identity.  It doesn’t revolve around the external world but rather my internal one.  I can experience life without fear of judgement. I am secure in the arms of God. Hallelujah!

I’d like to turn this blog into a conversation. Have any of you felt boxed in by the expectations of others? And if so what do you intend to do about it or what have you already done to break free?

Also, what brings you joy and inner peace? Please, do more of that! And to send you off I’d like to end on a quote by Nelson Mandela.  “As we let our own light shine we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.”

Love & Light, Lisa

P.S. Listen to the audio version HERE!


14 thoughts on “American Dream Remixed

  1. Happy birthday Lisa! Way to seek freedom and set the goal of joy for ultimate growth. Continue to seek objects that let you rise. You are an amazing talented woman and soul cheers to you and your next travel around the sun♡

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  2. Hi Lisa and Happy Birthday! I found you on and I really enjoy reading your blog. We have had similar experiences and your words really resonated with me. Look forward to reading many wonderful posts:)

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    1. Antonio, thank you! I can’t believe you find me on anchor! I just joined, lol 😂 that’s really cool! Makes me want to keep going with the blog and anchor. It’s hard to stay motivated as a newbie. Congrats on your new website! I’m so excited for you! (:

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      1. Yea, I found you on a James Jefferson (J3) wave. You have a great spirit and definitely wanted to check you on. You didn’t disappoint!

        Yea, I know all about staying motivated and blogging. So I kind help you with that! Thanks for following LTD, too. There is a ton of great stuff to inspire you on there.

        Thanks, so excited to do a ton lore on the new blog. Please follow that one, too as I will be writing more on there.

        So excited for you and let me know if I can ever help!!

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      2. Yes I need help! Any tips would be great since you’re ahead of the game friend! (; btw, do you now anything about adding a podcast to WordPress. I almost ripped my hair out trying to figure that out haha!

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  3. Beautiful write Lisa! I love that your joy for life has been rediscovered and that you’re not letting comparison or discouragement of lost expectations hold you down. Life is beautiful and sometimes we don’t choose our circumstances, but we can make the most out of it. Brava friend!


    1. Yes Sarah! There were times that I wanted to give up and did not see a future for myself going through the crap of my life but I held onto God through it all and he has blessed me twice fold in joy and gratitude! I really appreciate you. Thank you for being my new blogger friend! Xo, Lisa


  4. I love and admire your honesty ! I took the Briggs test too and I think we have some similarities, although I’m much more introverted than you are ;-). Your writing makes me stand still and think about my own life, although that’s not always such a great idea ;-). I love this inspirational quote too !

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    1. Aw…haha! Yes, I’ve come out of my shell more. People often confuse me for an extrovert but I need my quiet time! Yes sometimes over-thinking can be dangerous haha! I try to be mindfully positive (;


  5. Ever the writer, I find these words from you to be pretty raw and inspiring. Thanks for sharing that! I’ve got ink to remind me to love life and what that means in actionable terms. It means being present. Will every day be lovable and bright? Will life be easier suddenly because I want to love life and have ink? Not at all. Loving life is being mindful, grateful and creating opportunity through self-care. You’re doing a great job of accomplishing that!


    1. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to read and leave kind words on my page! Yes I agree whilst being purposefully positive won’t guarantee perfect days it is about making the most of what we do have and choosing to see the light in every situation. We always have the power & choice to do that… I appreciate you! (:


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